Requirements for caregiving activities

The highest quality for the benefit of the clients

The fact that the demand for the services of independent caregivers has increased so enormously in recent years is due to the exploding demand for care, but also especially due to the undeniable benefits that this service involves. Independent caregivers are flexible in organising their service as regards scope, time expenditure, and payment.

Flexible range of services

Independent caregivers are able to provide services that are tailor-made for different needs and can offer affordable service packages. In many cases, the clients are those already receiving care services  and who require comprehensive care because of their advanced age or because of an illness or an accident. But there are also temporary support services. And alongside this, and in the light of an increasing demand, an increasingly sophisticated range of care services is developing

Business with ethical requirements

Independent caregiving is about free trade. The legal basis for this can be found in the Home Care Act and the Industrial Code, amongst other places. Which nursing and medical services the independent caregiver may perform in individual cases is also regulated by the Health and Nursing Act and the Medical Act.

Reliability and trust

Independent caregiving is subject to a number of quality-enhancing regulations. The business of caregiving was created as a safe and reliable legal framework for the rapidly growing need for personal care services in 2007 and has since proved to be an instrument of sustainable quality development. Legally securitised ethical requirements, numerous measures and initiatives, and comprehensive training offer help that continuously improves the conditions for pursuing the profession and the quality of services. Because safety, reliability, and trust are the most important pillars of this deeply personal and therefore particularly sensitive service. 

Placement companies raise quality levels

In particular, the close cooperation between the independent caregivers and highly professional Austrian placement companies takes quality, flexibility, and availability of independent care services to a new level and guarantees lasting dynamic development of these services, the importance of which cannot be overestimated. 


Being enshrined in trade regulations, statutory rules of conduct, transparent contracts, a clear regulatory and organisational framework, a number of measures and initiatives for training and information, productive interaction of independent caregivers and qualified placement companies, and not least professionalism and empathy guarantee a very high and steadily rising level of independently provided caregiving services overall.