The legal pillar of perfect care:

Caregiving contract

The reciprocal business relationship between those requiring care and their families, placement companies, and independent caregivers is regulated in three categories of contracts.



Caregiving contract

  • A written placement contract is concluded between the person requiring care or their family, agents, or representative and the placement company.
  • The business relationship between the person requiring care or their family, agents, or representative and the independent caregiver is regulated in a written caregiving contract.
  • There is also a written organisation contract between the placement company and the independent caregiver.



Placement companies and professional representation in the Chamber of Commerce of Austria and their national organisations have prepared model contracts in multilingual copies. These can be downloaded from the website of the trade association and the professional group.

In general, these contracts are highly transparent. It is important to have a clear definition of the scope of services, the types of payment and cancellation or termination of the caregiving contract, payment for work carried out, the confidentiality obligation, practical instructions for everyday activities and emergencies, running a housekeeping book, cover in the case of illness or impairment, and also any acceptance of gifts.

Professional local placement companies also prove to be a valuable support in this matter: they not only stand for clearly defined agreements, but also for an absolutely transparent business approach with no hidden costs and ensure that the business registration of independent caregivers and their registration with social security is the basis of proper business activity. They also provide the caregivers with support, for example with organising liability insurance.