1 to 24 hours of care for life

The services of professional independent caregivers are flexible and tailor-made and are based entirely on the needs of the people requiring care!
Care, assistance, and support in everyday life constitute the core area of services. Independent caregivers thus allow them to remain in familiar surroundings. The support services cover all requirements from short-term selective or temporary support to comprehensive care for extended periods and care cycles.

The advantage of caregiving

Due to their status as caregiving providers, independent caregivers are able to set the time frame of their services themselves, independent of strict working hour regulations, and flexibly respond to the needs of people requiring care and of their relatives. These support services are thus extremely flexible and also affordable. Note: Independent caregiving does not only mean 24-hour care. Independent caregivers also provide care in flexible time frames. Ask the placement agency about it!

Care on a daily basis

The daily care service is aimed primarily at family members who care for the person themselves and require temporary help - for example, because they want to go on holiday, or due to illness, their jobs, or other obligations. This service is also available to replace independent caregivers on a temporary basis in the event or illness or other circumstances. The placement companies are happy to advise you on what special services are available.

Care by the hour

Care services by independent caregivers are flexible in terms of time. Whether for families who need short-term assistance in looking after a child in need of care, or people who feel lonely and want someone to keep them company from time to time, or the elderly who cannot cope with all the household tasks on their own, in these and many other cases, flexible care services by independent caregivers allow quality life at home in familiar surroundings.

24-hour care:
If the independent caregiver lives with the person requiring care and he or she rents the apartment, it is advisable to inform the landlord that the caregiver lives with them.

Changing residence from abroad to Austria entitles one to bring certain personal effects duty- free to Austria as relocation items.