Quality assurance

Transparency and clear rules

High quality independent care services is based on several pillars: apart from the "professional ethics and rules  of practice for the organisation of caregiving" regulated in an ordinance by the Federal Minister of Economics and Labour, a transparent service agreement and comprehensive documentation of the work in particular guarantee the highest level of reliability and safety. A written caregiving agreement forms the basis of activities provided by independent caregivers, in which the services to be provided are defined. The contract also contains guidelines for everyday activities and emergencies, such as in the event of deterioration of the condition of the customer. 

Caution!  Independent caregivers are under an obligation to maintain absolute confidentiality.

Documentation and budget record

The frequently offered written documentation of services guarantees the traceability of the caregiving work and also ensures a smooth transition when changing caregiver. The mandatory management of a budget record then ensures absolute financial transparency. In addition to a number of other obligations, independent caregivers are, of course, also bound to maintain confidentiality about the personal circumstances of their customers.  

Clear rules for care

The boundaries of nursing and medical activities mean that there is a clear division of responsibilities, whereby independent caregivers are permitted to carry out defined nursing activities, provided that there are no medical reasons to the contrary.   These may be carried out without supervision and include the administering of medicines, the applying of dressings and the giving of insulin or anticoagulant injections, albeit only on doctor’s orders and following instruction by a healthcare professional.  In this area too, back-up from the professional placement company with its comprehensive expertise, makes a valuable contribution to high quality independent care services.