Helping to lead a normal life

The core area of the job carried out by independent caregivers is the care and support of people requiring care in everyday life: help with leading a normal life and with everyday activities and assistance with organising their daily routine.

Helping organise the daily routine 

When people cannot cope with life on their own: in this stage of life especially, many people wish to remain in their familiar surroundings, in their own home, with familiar people around them; and to have someone who knows how to help them to carry on as normal, to structure their day, and within these changed circumstances to find a rhythm again that gives their life the aura of familiarity. This is the task of independent caregivers. They support the person requiring care in their daily routine.

Assistance with everyday chores

When everything becomes more difficult, when things are not as easy to do, when people are increasingly overwhelmed by the abundance of chores they have to do every day: independent caregivers provide professional assistance and get done what needs to be done - so that life at home in familiar surroundings remains a possibility.

Assistance with administrative matters

People do not cease to be citizens just because they are limited in their physical abilities or in their way of life. Under the seal of absolute confidentiality and the obligation of correct documentation, independent caregivers can also help the person requiring care with processing and taking care of administrative matters.

The services provided by the independent caregivers in their capacity as a business service provider must be adequately and regularly documented and made accessible. Below are examples of the activities that can be performed by caregivers as part of the job. The activities performed in the checklist can be ticked off or given a brief description (e.g. preparing meals: breakfast, snacks, etc.). The list can of course be expanded as required.