Social function

Because the risk of isolation increases in old age and when mobility is limited, it is also the job of independent caregivers to provide people requiring care with company, to talk to them, to accompany them in their activities, and to assist in maintaining their social contacts.

Conversation and communication

Many social contacts from before are no longer there. Children don't visit as often. They have their own families and their job takes up their time. Leaving the house to meet friends, attend events, and participate in society has become difficult. When people's mobility is limited and they rely on support, it is particularly difficult to maintain social contacts and communication. This means many older people feel they are pushed to the sidelines . Caregivers help their customers feel less isolated.

Conversation to combat loneliness

People who, only a moment ago, were in the midst of life now suffer from loneliness and isolation with all the physical and psychological consequences of depression. A condition that affects more and more people in an aging society that is marked by increasing individualism. Under these conditions, conversation is an elixir for survival, for a spiritual fountain of youth, a requirement for a happy retirement. Independent caregivers help give their customers a voice.

Maintaining social contacts

Independent caregivers keep the person requiring care company, they hold conversations with them, and accompany them to various activities and visits or events. They provide the empathy that makes communication a source of satisfaction and happiness. They therefore make a significant contribution to preventing human loneliness and isolation and to allowing people to maintain social contacts.

Note: The required services should be listed individually in a service contract and precisely regulated.

In the guidelines, regulations can be included for the regular change-over of caregivers such as the disclosure of information about the situation of the person requiring care or transfer of care documentation and the housekeeping book.

When cover is needed, it is recommended that independent caregivers contractually establish with the person providing the cover what services must be provided and what payment for the work will be made.