Choosing the right service

Quality and flexible care

It is not uncommon for someone to very suddenly require care - almost overnight. Professional support is especially needed in this situation. How do I get competent care as quickly as possible? What contractual conditions and details should I consider? Who ensures that the independent caregiver is prepared to meet the special needs? What subsidies am I entitled to? And who guarantees that everything goes smoothly if there is a change of caregiver? 

Two ways are available for choosing the appropriate caregiver when needed. 


In general, people who are looking for a suitable independent caregiver contact one of the numerous Austrian placement companies. They assist not only in the search and selection of a suitable independent caregiver, but also in dealing with organisational challenges, in fulfilling bureaucratic requirements and even in applying for any subsidies and grants. Based on an extensive professional network, experience, and organisational skills, placement companies are able to find qualified caregivers who meet the relevant requirements very quickly. The pool of independent caregivers that the placement company has access to also offers the possibility of considering criteria such as sympathy and human compatibility in the selection.

Placement work

Placement companies provide information on all permitted services within a caregiving relationship with the independent caregivers and state the price of their mediation. 

In addition to making placements, placement companies also often offer services such as telephone accessibility, regular quality visits, and ongoing documentation of care activities  - all to ensure the high quality of care. Placement companies consider themselves as providers of organisational and professional assistance for the entire duration of the caregiving relationship and are available to give advice and support. 


Placement companies

Vermittlungsagentur Personenbetreuung

Personal contact & recommendation

Not all independent caregivers use placement companies. In this case, personal contact and recommendation are adequate means to get in touch with them. A tip: invite independent caregivers to a no-obligation meeting to get an impression of them of them, get to know them, and discuss the specific care situation. Prior to concluding a caregiving contract, these caregivers will tell you all about their work.

Attention! Independent caregivers may not seek potential customers unsolicited for promotional purposes.

Vermittlungsagentur Personenbetreuung

Affordable care

Why are the services of independent caregivers so flexible and affordable? 
As independent caregiving providers, independent caregivers are able to set the time frame of their services themselves, independent of strict working hour regulations, and flexibly respond to the needs of people requiring care and their relatives. These support services are thus not only extremely flexible but also affordable.

Rasche und kompetente Unterstützung

Quick and competent support

Professional local placement companies are the perfect partner when it comes to the organisation and provision of quality care services for the home.

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Betreuung zu Hause

At home caregiving

Due to the increasing number of people requiring care, in recent years a reliable and affordable high-quality system has developed in Austria for independent care services.

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Tip: professional local placement companies ensure that you or your family members are cared for by legitimate independent caregivers.

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Die rechtliche Säule einer perfekten Betreuung:

The legal pillar of perfect caregiving:

The reciprocal business relationship between those requiring care and their families, placement companies, and independent caregivers is regulated in three categories of contracts.

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Die Rahmenbedingungen der Personenbetreuung

The framework conditions for caregiving

Caregivers are obliged to work for the benefit of the person requiring care with other people and facilities involved in their care.

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Förderungen der 24-Stunden-Betreuung

Funds for 24-hour care

In addition to the care allowance in 7 stages, in Austria additional funding for 24-hour care can be requested under the following conditions:

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