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You can find information about the changes, rules of exercise, and advice for independent caregivers here

Why be an independent caregiver? The fact that the demand for the services of independent caregivers has increased so enormously in recent years is due to the exploding demand for care, but also especially due to the undeniable benefits that this service involves. Independent caregivers are flexible in organising their service as regards scope, time expenditure, and payment.

Vermittlungsagentur Personenbetreuung


Overview of changes

Since 10/07/2015, independent caregivers may only work with a valid business for "organisation and provision of caregiving." The provision and organisation of care services was thus excluded from the trade of caregiving in 2015. 

Guaranteed by the regulations published in the Federal Law Gazette for the Republic of Austria on "Ethical and exercise regulations for the organisation of caregiving", domestic placement companies offer those requiring care and their families, as well as independent caregivers in their status as care providers, the highest safety and reliability in the organisation and provision of care services. The ethical requirements establish comprehensive due diligence, contractual, and documentation requirements and are therefore an important contribution to quality development. On this basis, the placement companies can fulfil their sensitive mediator role between caregivers and persons requiring care to the fullest extent.


Free German learning materials for caregivers

As part of the EU project "BID - caregiving qualification in German", German-learning materials (= called the "BID portfolio") have been developed that are specifically tailored to the work of caregivers. The aim is to support caregivers in continuing to expand their existing knowledge of German. In addition, the portfolio includes an "info file" with important information about the legal basis of the profession in Austria. The documents are written in German as well as Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Czech, and Hungarian. 
You can download the BID learning portfolio for free here. The BID portfolio consists of several components that can be combined according to individual needs: a self-assessment test provides information on the existing language level; the learning modules describe everyday situations from the professional life of a caregiver and are connected with the vocabulary and grammar modules; four info files provide important job-related information.
Download the BID learning portfolio for free.




The district or regional office of the competent Chamber of Commerce advises independent caregivers on business registration and de-registration, particularly regarding the choice of proper authorisation, information on the requirements, and steps for fulfilling them and issues NeuFöG confirmations for new companies. For more detailed information, contact your local Chamber of Commerce.

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