Household services and support 
in everyday life

Independent caregivers take on maintaining the household. This includes preparing meals, going shopping and running other errands, doing the cleaning and household chores, washing and ironing laundry, taking care of plants and pets, and also the seemingly mundane things such as regular airing.

Meal-preparation services

Grocery shopping and preparing meals are amongst the most important tasks with which independent caregivers enable their customers to live at home in familiar surroundings. By responding to the specific needs, requests, and habits of the person requiring care, they contribute in a way that cannot be over-estimated to a life lived in trust and security.

Cleaning and household chores

Many people who need help do not have relatives, or at least not ones close by. Sometimes two or three hours help per week is enough in order to allow these people to continue living in their usual environment; sometimes people need extensive support in order to maintain their circumstances. Independent caregivers keep the house clean and tidy, so that everything is properly in place within the familiar environment.

Care of pets and plants

More than anything else, household pets and plants epitomise the personal history of the residents. Independent caregivers ensure that our cherished four-legged and two-legged companions and plants that have often been nurtured for years and are full of memories do not have to be given away if taking care of them becomes too much.

Washing, ironing, and mending of linen and clothing

Particularly people in need of care require clean sheets and fresh towels and want to know that their cherished clothes are being repaired, maintained, ironed and put away. If it is too much for them to do themselves, independent caregivers help with washing, ironing, and mending linen and clothing as well as with shoe care.

Going shopping and taking care of errands

The things that often form part of their leisure activities for young, vigorous, and healthy people can become an insuperable challenge for elderly people who are restricted in their movements or for sick people. By doing their shopping and various other errands, independent caregivers fill this gap.

Organising the daily routine

Independent caregivers help with managing everyday life. They help the person requiring care by organising their daily routine and providing assistance in everyday activities.

All documents required for applying for the grants can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs Service at or requested by telephone at 05 99 88. Further information on tax deductions for caregiving costs can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance at